We are very proud to carry Gluten Free products made right here in Colorado by Deby’s Bakery. We understand how hard it is to find restaurants that offer any type of Gluten Free alternatives and wish to help broaden your choices when it comes to dining out.

Philly’s is the first Cheesesteak restaurant here in Colorado to offer gluten free rolls and soft pretzels as an alternative choice for those folks who suffer from Gluten intolerance.

We hope you enjoy our latest gluten free offerings and hope you will tell your friends and family. A cheesesteak just isn’t much fun without the roll. Now you can have your roll and eat it too.

Your feedback is always greatly appreciated.

If you wish to learn more about a gluten free lifestyle and other choices fresh from Deby’s Bakery please click the link provided.

luten Free Breads at Philly's Cheesesteak grill

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